Well done to everyone! I"m proud of you all!

Hi Everyone!

This is just a message to all, stating how proud of you I am! Growing up with an alcoholic parent is really tough, makes you feel worthless at times, encourages you into having mix emotions all the time!

If you would like to comment on this to say how you are feeling, or to maybe have a vent on this message board you are more than welcome to - everyone's entitled to having a rant at times!

First of all, from reading most of the stories on here it seems very tricky at the moment. Some are positive and some are negative. A lot of them insisted how they feel that there alcoholic parent makes them feel to blame for the illness they're carrying - I hope that you can see that you are not alone! Near enough everyone suffering has gone/going through the stage of feeling to blame. However, unless you are forcing them to drink its not your fault.

It is possible to turn your life around, make a new life for yourself, get the help you feel you may need. I'm not going to lie but everything is tough at the start - it gets easier! Most people are carrying a secret that nobody else knows - this isn't your fault either. You were born for a reason and this is to make the most of your life!

Well done to everyone on this website you've all started living your life by opening up to us on here - keep it going! You will find you will find solutions to all your problems! Please seek help if you are struggling with your problems, councillors are there to help you not judge you! :-)

REMEMBER this (I've used it before) - every broken heart is different, but its always down to the same problem - alcoholism. You are not alone!