I hope my dad doesn't die

(messge moved from old post no longer active) you were very unlucky and my dads only 42 this year. i hope my dad doesnt die. i am sincerly sorry about it especially at your age when u found him. im 12 now and i get upset wen i see him drinking. i hate it but who doesnt. he tries but he never stops drinking hes going to kill himself. i told him once i smelt beer and he said it was the roast chicken . chicken is far from smelling like beer. he used to throw up in the mornings . he takes tons of tablets cos hes a diebetic and he has artheritas on his right hip. my love for him is minimum sometimes but other times i love him as far as the rainbow. i cant crontol my feelings for him. i have to keep myself from crying. i won a competition once on the old coap and they put it into an animation. it has three poems mine is the second one with the scottish voice im not a boy and im not scottish but it was annomamus. if you want to see my feelings then go to     http://vimeo.com/30464510     its good and dont forget 2nd poem. it might help a bit.