Hey well this is me :)

Hi (: I'm Lucy & I'm 16, Both my parents have been alcoholics for aslong as i can remember, which has had a huge impact on my life and my upbringing.. but am still here :),, The alchol affected my dad the most to begin with, i was a daddy's girl when i was younger, loved my dad so much, he used to work away and come home at the weekends, i used to get so excited for him coming home, then he lost his Job and started drinkin more and more, and my mum couldnt handle it, she used to go out all the time and leave me to care for my dad and my little brother, and have cared for my brother since i turned 8. eventually my mum threw my dad out, and this caused him to become very violent, and used to abuse both me and my mum, and Social services where involved after me going into school with a black eye, but my mum told them i walked into a door, so obviously he got away with it, and he put my mum in hospital. When he eventually did leave, we had to move house because my dad forced us to leave because he was part owner of the house, and i moved schools. in the New house my mum had loads of new boyfriends, and her drinkin got more and more, and once again i became a carer and still care for her and my brother today. she was always out with her friends, leaving me to clean and cook while trying to settle into a new school and moving into highschool. everything had a dramatic effect on me, i developed depression, anorexia and self-harmed as a way to cope with everything, and after i was raped at 14 i felt like there was no way out and i couldnt take life anymore. My dad was power obssessed, and when he lived with us he used to force feed me until i was sick, part of the reason i developed an eating disorder. the alcohol changed him into someone i didnt like i didnt no him anymore. after a while because i wasnt 16 yet, my mum would force me to go and stay at my dads house with him, which i was petrified of ( for reasons i cant talk about) and just scared of him, this went on for years until i had the courage to stand up to my mum, thats where mine and my mums relationship went down the drain, she drank more and more, became violent and abusive, and i got into drinking and drugs for a while to forget about things. eventually she threw me out 2 days after my 16th birthday, eventually i moved back home, and my mum has a new boyfriend, who trys to control me. October last year i took an overdose, and ended up in hospital, My mum said she would stop drinking, but she never did, she cut down but still drinks, i am currently sorting out moving out, and have counselling and soon will be on medication, and i am now off all drugs and dont drink anymore, Think i was determinded not to turn out like my parents. Makes me sad to think my dad is dying alone, and slowly killing himself with the drugs and alcohol, we dont speak anymore, dont even no if he is dead or alive. but i surpose as life goes on things will get better, and i can move away and leave this behind me, and start my life the way i want it, and not be controlled by my parents lifestyles. Thanks for reading, (: Stay Strong! God Bless Luc