emm...well dnt realy no what to say im 16 now i live at home with my mum shes been drinking ever since i remeber ,,i have a brother but he lived with my dad his older then me 18, i doing my gcse's at the moment i can never think straight coz im always looking after her i lover her with alll my heart but i carnt coap nemore her probblem has already screwed my family up my parents got devorced when i was 7, every day i wish she would stop but it never happends iv spent cristmas day in a police station when i was 8 because she was drink driving ,evey x-mas,birthday hoilday easta gets f**ked up i get so nervous i make my self ill,iv been looking after her since i was a little girl i wash , clean her sheets,house sit stay by her the hole time coz i get scared and it is take over my life and i carnt cope anymore ........if your reading this u probbly have a very simmler story and i want u all to know that it is one of the hardist things to coap with but what doesent kill you will only make you stronger ,,,,,,bye ??????