About Me

Im 17 And Live With Alone With My Mum, Shes An Alcoholic But Refuses To Admit It, Which Means She Can't Or Wont Get Help. My Life Has Been Like This Ever Since I Can Remember And To Be Honest .. Im Sick Of It. Its Orite For Her, She Gets Drunk And Is Horrible To Me, Wakes Up And Has Forgotton .. But I Dont Forget.. Ever. Ive Tried Everything I Can To Try Escape It All, Ive Got In Trouble With The Police, Did Drugs, Was Naughty At School, Ran Away From Home, Cried To Her, Screamed At Her, Poured Her Booze Away .. But There Was No Point. Nothing Changed. After Growing Up A Bit Ive Realised Its Up To Her Now .. She Will Only Change If She Really Wants To .. And She Blatentli Doesnt. I Stopped All The Sh*t, And Turned My Self Around And Stayed On At Sixth Form Because If Anything Its Made Me Think That I Should Focus On My Life And Do Well For Myself .. But It's Easier Said Than Done. Im Now A Young Carer And Fair Play, The Person I See Once A Fornight Helps Because I Can Talk And Get Everything Off My Chest But Im Sick Of Talking. That Hour I Get To Talk For Doesnt Compare To The 24/7 Life I Live. Does Anyone Ever Get Sick Of Talking? Get Sick Of People Saying .. "I Feel So Sorry For You, Stay Strong" or "Do Well In School, Get A Good Job And Get Away From It All" Sometimes I Think They Dont Realise That Im Not Interested In The Future, Im Bothered About Now And How Much It Takes The Piss And How Hard It Is To Be Around People With Picture Perfect Lives And Try Pretened Your Cherpy And Happy When Sometimes I Would Rather Just Cry. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas On How I Can Feel Better Or If Theres Anything I Can Do To Change My Situation, Instead Of Just Talking About It?