Alcoholic Mum

Hi Everyone Just wanted to say a quick hello and explain what it was that brought me here.

I found the site after reading Giselles account in the Daily Mail today.

My Mum was an alcoholic throughout my whole life pretty much apart from 18 months when she had a massive stroke and she was too ill to drink to being with and then seemed to forget she had ever had a drink problem, sadly as her brain recovered so did her need for alcohol and she returned to drinking and died 2 years ago next month aged 64, for the 2 years she didn't drink I had a Mum like everyone else and I truly loved her but sadly once she returned to drinking her mood swings and temper returned and I stopped all contact with her until I got a phone call from my brother to say she had died of liver failure in hospital. I was totally devastated that I never got to say Goodbye but I'm coming to terms with it and have learned more about her life and why she drank since she died than I ever did whilst she was alive.

People understand why I turned my back on her and in fact my brothers did too as they couldn't take anymore heartache or pain but I will always feel a sadness that I wasn't enough to stop her drinking,that maybe therer was something else w could have tried, I know deep down I am not to blame but I missed never really having a Mum :(