Alcoholic Dad/Mental sister.

My name is Lily and i'm eleven years old. My Dad is an alcoholic and my parents split up last year because of it. I go to see him every Friday but most of the time he is too drunk to have me or he pops down to the "shops" and comes back slurring his words and telling me he loves me all of the time. Then there's my sister, Harriet who isnt an alcoholic. But she is a smoke addict and has anger issues. She's been kicked out loads of times but either my Dad can't look after her because of her behaivior, or he's too drunk to even look after himself let alone her. She's only fourteen and I really love her, I seem to be the only one who does. But this evening things have got much worse, and my Dad is threatning to kill himself, so I joined this site. I hope I can relate to someone, Lily xxxx