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when I knew the real him Sat, 08/05/2010 - 01:09 — iluvedhim

When I knew the real him I didn't even know him that well. Before I was born he did bad things. Then it got worse he started pot. Next he took cocaine. Finally my mom divorced my real dad. Mean while my real dad started to take herone. To try to make it up to me he would tell me he'd buy me a lot of presents. He never did and he never got me a birthday Christmas or an easter present. After about two years my mom ment a new guy. He is very nice to me and my mom and on top of that he is or was not involved in drugs and I do not see any in his future. I don't talk or see my real dad and I don't see him walking me down the aisle when I grow up. I love my new dad and I will forever!