alchoholic mum

hi im am 12 i think i might be one of the younger people on this support group and i hae just joined COAP well heres my story: my mum has been an alchohloic for a long time now and its always been worrying and its split our family up alot, the other day in school (this may sound ridiculous) my teacher asked me where my ingredients were and i just broke down into tears in fornt of all of my class mates, you see just before that day my mum hafd been caught drinkdriving and she had to go to court and we were so worried about all this that i forgot my stuff and it all showed me exactly how much my mum is addicted to alchohol i spoke to someone from my school who was a student suport kind of person and she showed me to this lady after about a week the lady was from a place called adsis and for about 3 weeks now she has been teaching me about drugs (including alchohol) and also showing me that its not my fault so today she gave me a leaflet and showed my this website on it so i joined and thats what im doing now.