9 years with an alcoholic parent

hello i'm new to this site, i'm 18 and starting university in september. been 9 years i've dealt with my alcoholic mum.

i could probably write a book with this story so thanks if u read it all, i got a lot to tell.

it all started with my parents marriage breaking down, they separated when i was 2 but lived together to hide this from me. but then as i was in junior school it started to show. my mum started to drink, my dad became more arrogant. they soon clashed, one night in front of me my mum drunk shouted in my dads face and then like in slow motion he shoved her two the ground. my elder brother soon threw him out. looking back now this clearly affected me as i got depression from a young age, literally people were lucky to hear me speak in one day as i was that quiet at school. had no good friends. living with my bro and sis, my mum continued to drink till this present day. i would come home from school + college and she was out of it. she won't have any hobbies or interests, just as soon as she'd get home she would drink. she couldn't even not drink on my birthday, instead hide it in a mug so it looked like she was drinking tea. in high school i turned myself around thinking that if i worked hard now, then my future would be easier with good grades. i stuck to that without any help from my parents. its hard really as my mum was the good parent when i was younger, my dad was selfish. today though my dads the good parent and my mums an alcoholic. so i love them but hate them at the same time. always in the centre of arguements. todays we try getting help for her but it can't be forced, she has to choose this. all 5 of her kids talk to her about it yet nothings change. my mum has OCD mentally since she was young, also depression and this is why she drinks. she just believes that there isn't a cure out there, due to her having bad experiences with getting help when i was younger. a priest!? saying she has a devil inside of her, not gonna help buddy. my parents should be getting offically divorced soon, (reason for why they stayed married is so me +my mum could stay in my home why my dad lives in a flat). one of my bros think this should push my mum to then get better, but i think she can't get over my dad. whenever we argue (which is occasionally) she always brings my dad into the arguement with no reason. then says to go live with him.

i'm going to my local uni, so i was living up there but the whole system of finding private accomodation with other people was stupidly done as people now r still looking. but i'm living at home, but when my house is sold after the divorce i plan to live with my dad making my life easier at uni. but this won't really resolve any problems she has.

how can i sort something out like this. we can't force her help.