16 and a full time carer. someone please help!

i am 16 and have been looking after my mum since the age of 8 now. she is highly disabled and i am her full time carer. my mum is a really heavy drinker, she will drink at least 4-5 cans of beer everyday and on weekends it can be up to 48 of them. she hardly sleeps and just keeps drinking and smoking. she was recently rushed to hospital after having a very large amount of medication as she tried to end her life. while in the hospital she stopped breathing and was on life support machines. when she came home the first thing she did was go to the shop for some beer and got hammered! iv seen my mum so drink before that she wet herself and passed out,,so much that iv had to change her, shower her and get her into bed, and she isnt the skinny type. recently shes started pushing me away and shouting alot. im really scared shes going to overdose again and i know if she tries again shes not going to pull through as she has done it about 10 times already. someone please give me advise on what to do!! i dont know how much longer i can cope with her being like this.

thank you x