Not my story, just one Ive had no choice in being a part of.

hi, my middle name is faith so thats what im going by here. 

Ive been dealing with a drug addicted father for basicaly my whole life and it feels good to have actually found a place where i can say that. Feels really good. I ve ben to a place called Pininculla (i think thats how you spell it) for therapy countless years and all they did was put me on a mood stablizer for OUT BURSTS. Its funny i never really told them why i was there.I was told by both parents not to tell them the real reason." Depression stricken" i guess they thought to themselves. My mom has tried her best to coap with my fathers habbit of slperging thier money on perscriptions , owing money to under the table dealers, moods of rage (mostly verbally some physical), and annoying her by the constant beging for her perscriptions. those are acctually ment to go to her. 

wow thats a lot to get out. 

Anyways i came here because Ive now been dealing with some powerful depression and cant go to the therapists because i have a little brother and he could be taken away. i really cant stand to see or know my mom would be sad for something i did. So is there anybody out there who can help me?