Saying a BIG Hello!

Dear COAP Members,

My name is Carrotcake and I have been part of COAP for just over 2 years and have found it incredible helpful! Over the last year or so I haven't been able to be active on the site however I am now back (incredibly thrilled by this!).

I found this site one day when I was frustrated with my alcoholic mother and frantically googling the effects of having an addict parent as a child and the effects it may casue when the child is an adult. Of course I found many disheartening facts however I then found COAP. COAP has taught me many many things which I would like to share:

1)  That I was an adult way before my time 

2) No matter how hard I try I can never stop my mum from opening a vodka bottle 

3) Pleasing everyone isn't always the best option

4) The saying 'Out is better than in' is so right 

5) Every problem is not always my fault 

6) I can't control every situation 

7) I am stronger than I ever thought 

8) I do have the potential to have a sucessful future even if my parents haven't. 


10) I do deserved to be loved

11) I am loved

12) Worrying about a situation 24/7 is not helpful

13) It's ok to show my vunerable side

14) The support from COAP is priceless!


All the best,

Carrotcake - Senior Mentor