Moving on with life and letting go of alcoholic mum

Hello everyone I've just joined and here is my story, I'll try keep it short. I'm writing because some other stories on here seem similar in ways to my own experiences.


Alcoholic mum passed away

My mum was an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. She didn't have a great childhood and her drinking got worse after the social services made her leave my family home. Her drinking got so bad we lost contact for a few years.


I knew where she was living but everytime I called to try and see her, she was too drunk to hold a normal conversation and my sisters had awful experiences when they did visit her. For my own self protection, I stayed away... Thinking one day she would get better and this would all be over.


Alcoholic Mother

Hey all, I'm new to this but I've heard good things about this so thought I'd give it a try as I need some advice.. I'm 22 and in my final year of university. I cut contact with my mum nearly two years ago and haven't heard directly from her since then. 


Afraid Dad Is Going To Start Drinking Again

Some background info:


Suicidal Alcoholic Mother

Cut off contact with alcoholic dad



I just found this site and was wondering if any of you have cut off contact with an alcoholic parent?


worying daughter

im a 15 year old girl going through alot at home right now. Its no secret that my mom has a drinking problem. She drinks till she can barely talk and is slurring her words everynight. Shes extremely depressed and is going through a divorce with my father. Her behavior has beeen so bad recently that 2 of my aunts have sat me down and talked to me because they thought she had been using drugs. She was slurring her words, unbalanced and acting strange and loopy in the middle of the day when there was no alcohol around.


6 years on Nothing changes

Hi All,


I havent posted in a while now, mainly because i have been able to be happier with myself and have the courage to stand up to my mum and her verbal and emotional abuse without getting dragged down.


Is this a problem? Seeking Guidance

Hi, I'm going to try and explain why I joined, and why I'm not totally sure about the problem I have at home.

I'm Senior at the University of Oklahoma in the States, and I live with my father for financial support, though I find myself living at home less and less. I'm fully mobile, and have been given a great deal of freedom to accomplish the tasks of my academic career and the extra-curricular activites I'm taking on. This is due in no small part to my father, who I would describe as very supportive and accepting of me. 


My Mother

My mom was a drinker before my brother and I were even born, possibly before she married my Dad in 1990. She's fifty eight now, and my dad is sixty, and she is still drinking. She's been to the hospital countless times for various reasons due to the drinking, she's been in and out of rehab all my life, and not to mention the turmoil and damage to me and my brother's emotional well being. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder, and my brother with GAD.



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