A snippet of my life

Hello everyone & thankyou for taking time to read this :) 

*WHILE READING THIS, keep in mind throughout everything I say my dad lived a double life. This is who he really was at home behind closed doors but he was a very professional man and looked up to by many people. He held down a job for most of these 9 years he was with my mum. Nobody suspected he was a drug addict. 


Abigail's story


I have just joined with a little hope to find someone who has experienced something similar. 

My name's Abigail, I am 21 years old,currently living in the UK, I come from a working class family.

I have never thought of my childhood as traumatising. But I do remember that moment when I realised that my family differs from others. I was about 8 or 9 years old. 


Don't know what to do about my alcoholic mum, please help?!

Hey, I'm new here, and need help...


What should I do?

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