I wish I'd known about this place growing up


I'm 27 years old and lived with my alcoholic mother for almost 21 years. 


I'm concerned how much my Dad is drinking... how should I approach him?

I am 22, about to finish university with plenty of opportunities ahead of me but I am so very worried about my parents. Mum got diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and it shook up the whole family, accentuating the already deep rooted problems in my parents' marriage. 2 years on and with less communication than ever they seem to be lonely.


6 years on Nothing changes

Hi All,


I havent posted in a while now, mainly because i have been able to be happier with myself and have the courage to stand up to my mum and her verbal and emotional abuse without getting dragged down.


My Mom And The Diffrence Between Sober And Drunk!


I just want to take the time to express my feeling for my alchoholic mum and maybe get some advice.

So I'm 15 and ever since the age of 8 I have noticed very slight things about my mums behaviour. My mum used to be on benefits and i used to remember being in primary school and dreading my mum picking me up she always used to pick me up from school smelling of alcohol everyday, I didn't really know much about it. I used to get picked on because other parents would laugh at my mum, somehow kids used to catch on to it this is where i started realising shes a alcoholic.


Anxious feelings

i am home. I thought perhaps i would feel a bit more comfortable or less anxious but if possible i feel more anxious. my last message to my mum was fairly simple i thought. i will be home and if she wants to see me she can. But as usual i feel guilty, i havent had a reply or a phone call, perhaps that will come later. i have no idea what i want, i keep thinking i should call her or go to her house but this is only because i fear that when i go home to england or on christmas day her family and my mum will say how disgusting it is i havent got in touch.


I tried... but cant be bothered to carry on with it!

I recently posted about my mum and my gran, and there is a bit of an ongoing saga about how much i have treated them badly. I rang my gran a number of weeks ago, which i had posted about and she told me that i always play the victim and she cant forgive me for how i've treated them, so really i am not going to beg or try any harder because i made my decision for a reason.


Letter to My Alcoholic Mother Part 2

14/12/2014 8:58 PM  

Dear mum,

I’m angry at you. You’ve noticed, and continue to question why I won’t talk to you, why I send intermitting glaring looks your way, why I take seconds to answer. I want to talk to you. To congratulate you on not drinking tonight. After all, am excited about the improvement. But the anger which has been building up for an unknown amount of time overwhelms these feelings, until I can no longer hide it from you, and it takes over these positive emotions. For I am angry.


Dreading christmas!

So I thought I would update again. To be honest I felt like I needed to get my thoughts out of my head. It's been about 2 weeks I think since I spoke to my gran, who has said she can't forgive me for how I have treated her or my mum. She said in her words that she has done nothing too me! Yet only a few months back she told me to grow up, get over it and stop playing the victim! I hate that she still says it, that I am making myself a victim and I don't know what a hard life is.


Back on the roundabout

I had decided to call my mum and tell her that I'm willing to put the recent clash behind me if she wants to move on. Now knowing my mum and her addiction that obviously isn't the case! It has and will continue to be brought up any time she's drunk or feels I am doing her an injustice. Recently though I'm still grappling with whether I contact my gran or not! My mum wants me to and I know I invetably will, but for me it's under what circumstances. 


I'm so tired of feeling at odds with myself

I have come back from Ireland. At the time I was feeling really happy, and apart from the moments of feeling guilty about not talking to my gran. My mum called me once or twice, a few times saying that she doesn't think she's done anything wrong, and then to offer me money. I have spoken spoken to her and really don't feel I will, someone told me recently that nothing will change until my mum stops drinking all together. However she called tonight asking me to make up with my gran because she is ill.



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