My story :)

Hello, I'm Jas and I came across this page about a month ago when my counsellor recommended I search 'living with an alcoholic', now I want to write my story.


My Alcoholic mum influenced by a "friend"

Hi everyone,


The after effects of having alcoholic mother

Ok so my mum was an acoholic for aslong as i can remember and when i was around 16/17 she stopped drinking and now seems to be better. She had severe depression and now i am able to understand more why she did what she did but it still does not stop if from effecting me two years down the line.

She has never apologised for being physically and mentally abusive towards me. When she first became sober i remember how happy i was and thinking that i was surprised i had not been more effected by what shed put me through. but i think it is really effecting me now


Can someone help me? Tired, angry, sad, confused

Hi everyone...

I read about this wonderful site online while searching for ways to cope with an alchoholic mother... 


Firstly, a bit about myself..

I Live in South Africa, (no we dont run around with lions or any weird stuff you might think. we're actually very much like people in the UK.. just mostly Afrikaans (One of our South African languages)

now for the reason I'm here... 

my mom is an alchoholic... let me start at the beginning..


Ups and downs

Things have been very up and down over the holidays. I spent a lot of time working in the first 2 weeks so I would be out of the house. But I was normally around in the evenings which just made it worse, having done a long day working then having to deal with mum being drunk when I got home.

I went to my nans for a week which was really nice and mum only drank the once. But there was a big argument, my nan had a go at her best friend. Her friend had asked mum to get her a drink knowing full well of the alcoholism. I felt embarrassed more than anything.


alcoholic mum

my mum has had a drinking problem for as long as i can remember. my mum and dad broke up two years ago, since that her drinking has got much worse. she take it out on me, constantly telling me that my dad doesn't love me and always talking bad about him. i don't need to hear that, it's like she likes to make me feel crap. she also takes it out on my step dad, he has done so much for us it's not fair for him. she makes me so angry. she always lies to me and everyone and says she hasn't drank anything when she has and everyone knows it, she hides it all the time.



This Email Will Explain It All To You, I SEnt It To Her Five Minutes Ago, And I need Help.:


First time

 I don't know what to do. My
mum is an alcoholic and has been since I was about 16. I am an only child and
my dad died when I was 18. I'm 29 now.


alchoholic mum

hi im am 12 i think i might be one of the younger people on this support group and i hae just joined COAP well heres my story:

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