Time to cut myself off from my mother.

Hi everyone. I am 28 and live in Canada. I feel like I might be a bit old for this forum? But, nonetheless I am here. My mother has been an alcoholic since I was 7 years old. She began drinking heavily when my oldest sister died at the age of 15, suddenly. My mom is a binge drinker. She will have a couple months of functioning like a semi-normal person, but then go on benders that last up to a couple weeks. She has a really hard time when she runs out of alcohol. She has hallucinations, tremors, vomits, etc. All that fun stuff.


alcoholic mum

Hi, my names kate, I'm 22 and my mum has been an alcoholic since I can remember. When i was younger (at primary school) it didn't seem as bad, i could tell the difference between her being drunk and sober but i don't recall it being every night. However now it is every day/night and I am lucky to get a couple of hours in a morning before she goes to stock up. My mum is the kindest, generous and caring person when sober and i miss her so much.

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