Role of Co-Dependent

Hi, I am the adult child of an alcoholic. It was a terrible childhood and as the youngest I just ended up being the 'Whipping Boy' for all the frustrations that my mother and brother felt, so they would shout at me or abuse me for his drinking. I am a survivor and I know NOW that it was not my fault. But what I cannot understand is why my mother stayed with him for years when his drinking was like at two bottles of vodka a day to help wash down his Valium. Day in, day out, seizures, wetting himself, nervous system shot through drink and so on.


Time to cut myself off from my mother.

Hi everyone. I am 28 and live in Canada. I feel like I might be a bit old for this forum? But, nonetheless I am here. My mother has been an alcoholic since I was 7 years old. She began drinking heavily when my oldest sister died at the age of 15, suddenly. My mom is a binge drinker. She will have a couple months of functioning like a semi-normal person, but then go on benders that last up to a couple weeks. She has a really hard time when she runs out of alcohol. She has hallucinations, tremors, vomits, etc. All that fun stuff.


Alcoholic mum passed away

My mum was an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. She didn't have a great childhood and her drinking got worse after the social services made her leave my family home. Her drinking got so bad we lost contact for a few years.


I knew where she was living but everytime I called to try and see her, she was too drunk to hold a normal conversation and my sisters had awful experiences when they did visit her. For my own self protection, I stayed away... Thinking one day she would get better and this would all be over.


Abigail's story


I have just joined with a little hope to find someone who has experienced something similar. 

My name's Abigail, I am 21 years old,currently living in the UK, I come from a working class family.

I have never thought of my childhood as traumatising. But I do remember that moment when I realised that my family differs from others. I was about 8 or 9 years old. 


worying daughter

im a 15 year old girl going through alot at home right now. Its no secret that my mom has a drinking problem. She drinks till she can barely talk and is slurring her words everynight. Shes extremely depressed and is going through a divorce with my father. Her behavior has beeen so bad recently that 2 of my aunts have sat me down and talked to me because they thought she had been using drugs. She was slurring her words, unbalanced and acting strange and loopy in the middle of the day when there was no alcohol around.


6 years on Nothing changes

Hi All,


I havent posted in a while now, mainly because i have been able to be happier with myself and have the courage to stand up to my mum and her verbal and emotional abuse without getting dragged down.


Worried For Her Life

I'm very worried for my mother's health at the moment. She hasn't eaten any food in over a week now, and whenever she does eat, she has a singular mouthful per day. My carer is worried she has cancer.

My mum has never prepared me for what happens if she is to die. I'm disabled, and very lucky that my carer has been living with me for a while now. But my carer does have a life. And if she has to leave, I don't know what I'll do. I rely so much on her to be a maternal figure, even though she is only a year older than me.


Anxious feelings

i am home. I thought perhaps i would feel a bit more comfortable or less anxious but if possible i feel more anxious. my last message to my mum was fairly simple i thought. i will be home and if she wants to see me she can. But as usual i feel guilty, i havent had a reply or a phone call, perhaps that will come later. i have no idea what i want, i keep thinking i should call her or go to her house but this is only because i fear that when i go home to england or on christmas day her family and my mum will say how disgusting it is i havent got in touch.


To help or let go of an alcoholic mum?

Hi all, just found this site and it looks awesome. Just what I've been needing for some time now.. 


how do i deal with an alcoholic mum?

From the age of six i was experiencing my mum drinking heavily after the seperation of her and my father.



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