This too shall pass

Hello, my name is H.

This is, mostly a story of hope to those of you still struggling with who you are and what your family is.

I haven't been on this website for the best part of 4 years but in the height of my mother's drinking, this website offered me a place where people didn't call me 'dramatic', 'attention-seeking' or 'stupid'. This was a place where I could talk to people who had the same suspicions as I did and where I was not judged.


Verbally abusive mother

My mother has been drinking ever since i can remember, every day she drinks, starting at like 6pm, and i honestly dread the night times when she is drunk. She will pick at me and try and make me feel bad about myself. And then when i tell her to stop or i walk away she'll explode and become a comoletely different person. Ive been living with this for too long now but i have nowhere to turn to. My stepdad says not to tell my mothers parents because it will only cause grief. But its so unbearable and makes me feel really depressed.


Here goes....

My Story

I am 27 years old. I have lived with an alcoholic parent all of my life. My father started drinking at an early age and has never really stopped. Things got really bad about 5 years ago, he would drink, overdose on his medication and we would spend all night at the hospital.

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