I wish I'd known about this place growing up


I'm 27 years old and lived with my alcoholic mother for almost 21 years. 


"You have my back, right?"

Hello, I'm really in a tough situation with my alcoholic mother, and I could use some advice on how to approach what to do next.


My mother has recently been fired from her job due to a combination of truancy and what I believe is a bad egg of a boss. There are tons of details and I'll try to sift through what's relevant to the story. My mother lives in Texas, and I have been living here in London since 2014.



This too shall pass

Hello, my name is H.

This is, mostly a story of hope to those of you still struggling with who you are and what your family is.

I haven't been on this website for the best part of 4 years but in the height of my mother's drinking, this website offered me a place where people didn't call me 'dramatic', 'attention-seeking' or 'stupid'. This was a place where I could talk to people who had the same suspicions as I did and where I was not judged.


Stressed out

I'm new at this site. My mom has done drugs pretty much my whole life, mostly painkillers, and then started meth and drinking a couple years ago. She went to rehab like a year ago until she got kicked out the first day she started day treatment only for bringing a coffee cup full of vodka. She insists that drinking was "never really her problem" and acts like it's normal to drink straight vodka all day long and hide it in your closet. 



Hi, I'm Pol :) 


[Trigger Warning] Mum's parasuicide attempt when drunk.

Mum is an alcoholic. One evening, incredibly inebriated she attempted suicide after screaming at me and for the first time ever, getting physical. I am physically much larger, so I pushed her off me and she screamed that I was attacking her. We continued to fight (according to my older sister, I have blocked majority of it out) and she told me she was going to kill herself because of me.  Due to the context surrounding it, her phsycologist agreed that it was a parasuicide attempt. Recently, she has been threatening to do it again, particularly last night.


my dad is an alcoholic and i dont know how to cope anymore :'-(

Hey, i am 17 and live with my dad and mum. My dad has been very ill with crohns disease, along with other illnesses including alcoholism from before i was born. I spent my childhood in hospitals, pubs/bars and dealing with him at home. When he is sober he can be really lovely but when he is drunk he can be very aggressive. This may sound silly but I am scared of him when he is drunk. I`m really scared that he is going to die, but at the same time i hate him when hes drunk and wish i didnt have to deal with it.


I'm new

Hi, I am new to this site, but I'm not sure that I belong here. i was reading other peoples' posts, and the things other people describe are not like my situation at all. My dad is an alcoholic, but he has never hit me or my mum, or really been mean to me in anyway except for occasional teasing like fathers do. Am I in the wrong site?


my dad's an alcoholic, my story

my dad has always drank, for as long as i can remember, i'm 14 now. i remember when i was about 3, that my dad was drunk, and he smashed the bannister down in the sitting room, and my mam hid it from me. at the time i didnt know he was drunk, but it upsets me that that was the first memory i have of my dad.


Alcoholism affecting Children

Alcoholism Affecting Children

Hi everyone,

I am a 15 year old daughter of a bad Mother. Mum has been ill for as long as I can remember, in and out of hospital many of times. My Mum is an alcoholic. Mum is something I don't appreciate having in my life anymore. Mum is a wreck, a liar, a abuser. Mum is someone I still love truly, but a monster has taken over her body and controls her day and night. Mum's still alive, but seems dead to me. The wine I can visualise she's drinking now is killing her slowly... I just want it to stop.

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