I wish I'd known about this place growing up


I'm 27 years old and lived with my alcoholic mother for almost 21 years.Ā 



I decided not to send the letter to my mum, because I know that nothing will change but me! I have two exams this week and I think I'm going to phone her once their out of the way. Not talking to her for this of time has managed to clear my head, as hurtful as it's been to only have one half of my family support me and the other support her, I'm getting to a point where I can truly not care about what they think about me. I'm responsible for me and my life. I honestly feel they feel guilty for not doing anything in the past, so are putting that on me because I didn't tell them sooner...


Never felt so alone!!!

I thought I had support from my family, I thought at least my cousin understood! But i asked my cousin if my mum was staying at her house or someone else's because I'm going to write a letter to her, then an hour later I get a phonecall from my mums mum, saying


Yet again i'm to blame!

Hi everyone. I have been off the forum for a while now after the events of my christmas back home. Basically i went home for a week at christmas and was going to stay at my mums, however she had asked if it was ok for her friend (whom i met 20 minutes before) could stay over as he had no where to go, i said yes that was fine because he was standing right in front of me.


Immediate help - people to talk to


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