Time to cut myself off from my mother.

Hi everyone. I am 28 and live in Canada. I feel like I might be a bit old for this forum? But, nonetheless I am here. My mother has been an alcoholic since I was 7 years old. She began drinking heavily when my oldest sister died at the age of 15, suddenly. My mom is a binge drinker. She will have a couple months of functioning like a semi-normal person, but then go on benders that last up to a couple weeks. She has a really hard time when she runs out of alcohol. She has hallucinations, tremors, vomits, etc. All that fun stuff.


This too shall pass

Hello, my name is H.

This is, mostly a story of hope to those of you still struggling with who you are and what your family is.

I haven't been on this website for the best part of 4 years but in the height of my mother's drinking, this website offered me a place where people didn't call me 'dramatic', 'attention-seeking' or 'stupid'. This was a place where I could talk to people who had the same suspicions as I did and where I was not judged.


6 years on Nothing changes

Hi All,


I havent posted in a while now, mainly because i have been able to be happier with myself and have the courage to stand up to my mum and her verbal and emotional abuse without getting dragged down.


I tried... but cant be bothered to carry on with it!

I recently posted about my mum and my gran, and there is a bit of an ongoing saga about how much i have treated them badly. I rang my gran a number of weeks ago, which i had posted about and she told me that i always play the victim and she cant forgive me for how i've treated them, so really i am not going to beg or try any harder because i made my decision for a reason.


Letter to My Alcoholic Mother Part 2

14/12/2014 8:58 PM  

Dear mum,

I’m angry at you. You’ve noticed, and continue to question why I won’t talk to you, why I send intermitting glaring looks your way, why I take seconds to answer. I want to talk to you. To congratulate you on not drinking tonight. After all, am excited about the improvement. But the anger which has been building up for an unknown amount of time overwhelms these feelings, until I can no longer hide it from you, and it takes over these positive emotions. For I am angry.


My mum



Update, 09 Jan' 14


Wow... I have neglected to come back here... I guess this is part of my bad behaviour. I often hide myself away and am absolutely terrible at staying in touch with people. Especially those who are good for me. 

Prepare yourselves... it's another essay... 

So... to those of you who know me, I feel I ought to give an update. 

My dad went into renal failure for the third time, and this time it nearly ended him. At one point I was drafting an application for mitigations citing 'death in the family', for my university. 


My Mum (Alcoholic)

My Mum is an alcholoic and I really needs some help as she has been drinking daily for about 10 years, for as long as I remember she has always drank, she use to drink thoughout the day everyday, but to me this was normal. 


Healing from My father's alcoholism

How I got My Life Back

These was a time in my life where it stopped being ‘my life’. I don’t know when, exactly. I can’t give you a date or a time period or even an estimate. But I can tell you when the realization finally came that I had become swallowed whole by my father’s addiction.


Yet again i'm to blame!

Hi everyone. I have been off the forum for a while now after the events of my christmas back home. Basically i went home for a week at christmas and was going to stay at my mums, however she had asked if it was ok for her friend (whom i met 20 minutes before) could stay over as he had no where to go, i said yes that was fine because he was standing right in front of me.



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