Don't know how to cope with my dads alcoholism and the hostile environment anymore

I live with my dad and my stepmum. My dad has been an alcoholic for probably 40 years.


Still unsure.

I'm still unsure. My dad is high functioning and bipolar. Sometimes I try to convince myself he doesn't have any addictions. I struggle a lot with feeling hurt. He says he loves me, but then keeps on doing it. He goes back and forth and it's reay confusing. My mom was in a coma a while back and was in the hospital for a month. the night she came home my dad locked himself in the upstairs bedroom and drank. He's not violent, I never feel threatened. Mostly it's like being abandoned.


Cut off contact with alcoholic dad



I just found this site and was wondering if any of you have cut off contact with an alcoholic parent?


alcoholic dad!

hi my names jordan... im a girl by the way!

my dads an alcoholic, i dont live with him i used to see him quite alot when i was abit younger im 13 now i have a counsellor it helps for a couple of days but when something bad happens i dont have anyone to talk to ... and this is my story so far

i have two dads one of them is drunk and one of them is sober im gong to tell you about the drunk one and i hope you can help me  :)

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