update on stuff

Basically since the last time I've posted my mums been in rehab and she's been out for 27 days, the only contact I've had has been a pathetic birthday card with a merely average message of 'happy birthday'. As I haven't had what I'd call 'proper' contact I don't know what to think. My nan(dads mum) who's been close to my mum said she'd no longer hanve any contact with my mum...that didn't last long. My nan recently said she couldn't have me in her life anymore. She chose my "mum" over me, her flesh and blood.

I'm not really counting on the fact my mums a recovering alcoholic. I want her to have a hair strand test to test if she's clean.

Recently I've been feeling kinda targeted in school, people pushing their friends into me and walking into me. Beign called a goth and just feeling as its the rest of the school against me.

Some of my issues are still present (social anxiety, self esteem/confidence, bipolar like emotions, self harm and suicidal thoughtss)

Message me if you want any help, I'm always open to helping people:3