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The media provide a fantastic opportunity to reach people affected by their parent’s drinking and help them to know they are not alone. The problems faced by these vulnerable children are wide ranging. For information, including statistics, please see our Information for Media leaflet below.

There is a need for sensitivity when interviewing people about alcoholism. It affects not only the person drinking but the family as a whole, and sadly there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the issue. Alcoholism can often become the family secret and people try to hide problems from the outside world. There can be a lot of denial or shame and just because one member of the family is able to talk about the problem openly, this doesn’t always mean that everyone else is happy to.

Parental alcohol problems are not about a lack of love. Demonising people with drink problems prevents them and their children from speaking up and asking for help.

Information for Media

Download our Information for Media leaflet.

COA Week

Our annual awareness campaign, COA Week, takes place every February and aims to raise awareness of the taboo topic of parental alcoholism and the millions of children affected. COA Week is celebrated internationally and provides an excellent opportunity to feature a piece about this difficult issue in your publication or programme, helping people to know they are not alone. For more details, please see our COA Week website.

Information for Media

Download our Information for Media leaflet (Information for media pdf)

Media volunteers

Nacoa has a panel of volunteers who are happy to speak to the media about their experiences of their parents’ drinking (or their own) or their professional or volunteering experiences. Please send an email if you would like us to circulate a relevant request.

Public service announcements

The following public service announcements give an insight into what it can be like to be the child of an alcoholic. They are available to listen to or download and we welcome them being shared wherever possible.

A one minute glimpse into what it’s like to be the child of an alcoholic. Click play to listen.

Download the MP3

Sadly reaching adulthood doesn’t make the problem go away so the difficulties of being a child of an alcoholic can continue throughout life. Click play to listen

Download the MP3

These PSAs are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives license. This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to us as original creators of the work.

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