‘Why I fund the Nacoa Sticker Project’ – Audrey

“I contacted Nacoa straight away and got the most genuine welcome and support.”

For 30 years, Nacoa has been incredibly proud to be funded and supported by thousands of people who know exactly why a confidential helpline service is crucial for children affected by their parent’s drinking.

There are so many ways you can help. Everyone brings something different—an idea, a skill, a passion. But everyone shares the view that people affected by parental drinking deserve help and support, wherever they are, regardless of whether their parent continues to drink or not.

Audrey contacted Nacoa for support, and was moved to so something to help young people who went through similar experiences to her. She has funded 21,000 stickers, as part of the Nacoa Sticker Project, that will be sent to schools, libraries, and public services.

Read below to find out why Audrey makes such kind gestures on behalf of Nacoa. To find out more how you can get involved, please click here or email us at admin@nacoa.org.uk.


“Time, money, sharing a post, putting one poster up, giving a sticker, it all adds up.”

I heard about Nacoa for the first time via an acquaintance on Facebook. I remember thinking to myself “How come I never heard of it before?”.

An association helping children with an alcoholic parent. It immediately struck a chord.

I was that kid once. Growing up with a mum who would turn extremely aggressive when intoxicated and a dad who, unfortunately, did nothing to protect me. Growing up with that fear, that guilt, that loneliness and nobody to confess in.

That association was what I would have needed so badly.

I contacted Nacoa straight away and got the most genuine welcome and support. I was able to share my story in a piece published on their website. It was very therapeutic to write and to read other people stories who went through similar experiences and been terribly impacted. It was not just me, it was “us”, finally people who could understand.

Shortly after, I became a Nacoa member to attend regular events, got (and proudly wear!) the Nacoa t-shirt, started putting posters up and spreading the word around me.

Many major associations do not get enough coverage so the “project stickers” started to grow in my mind. Stickers are small, easy to give, carry around, put anywhere. I funded the project to print 21,000 stickers that will be given at events, libraries, schools, wherever children and teenagers can grab them and have Nacoa’s helpline number handy.

Many people have completed great challenges to raise money for Nacoa and many volunteers give of their time every day. This is crucial that we all participate in our own way.

Small, big, yearly, recurrent, any gestures counts. Time, money, sharing a post, putting one poster up, giving a sticker, it all adds up.

As you are reading this, there is a scared child right now in a home that is everything but safe.

That child could call the Nacoa’s helpine and find the help he is desperately in need of.

Thank you to anyone supporting this cause that can literally change someone’s day, someone’s life.

~ Audrey, proud supporter of Nacoa.