Jasper’s Wish – Children’s book published for #COAWeek2020

During COA Week 2020, we were very proud to publish “Jasper’s Wish”. This wonderful book, written by Dr Jessica Munafo for Nacoa, is being published for all to read and share with their loved ones.

After he finds himself, all of a sudden, having to stay with his two Nanas, Jasper has quite a few worries: ‘Is it my fault my mummy drinks too much?…Am I the only one?’

In his scribbling book, Jasper writes down all his hopes and worries, and makes a wish. With the kind support of Nana Hannah and Nana Mindy, he begins to feel better, because he begins to understand that mummy’s drinking is not his fault.

“Jasper’s Wish” is an illustrated fictional storybook written with the aim of supporting children and young people affected by their parent’s drinking. It helps young people better understand and cope with the struggles often felt by those with a parent or guardian who drinks too much. The book is written in a language suitable for readers of Key Stage 2 level (ages 7-11) or above, but is designed to be accessible and helpful for people affected of all ages.

“Jasper’s Wish” is delivered free of charge for callers and professionals contacting the helpline to find information, advice and support.

The ‘soft’ branding of the book is designed to offer a discrete reading experience for anyone affected. Readers can repeatedly use the book and not feel exposed, especially if they feel they cannot reach out for external support, as is often the case in this vulnerable group.

You can download, print and read the whole book for free here.