Children of Alcoholics Week 2018 – because no child affected by their parent’s problem drinking should ever feel alone.


Shame. Fear. Guilt. Cold nausea. All words that might readily come to mind when you think of alcohol dependency. What if those words weren’t coming from the drinker, but instead from their 8 year old son or daughter?

We are often quick to dismiss problem drinkers as a blight on society, but in doing so overlook the profound impact that alcoholism can have on their children. This is why Nacoa will once again lead International Children of Alcoholics Week (11 – 17 February 2018) in the UK, the 10th annual awareness campaign aiming to cast a light on the 1 in 5 children across the UK who are struggling with the effects of a parent’s drinking.

Following the landmark achievement in 2017 of publishing the word’s first Manifesto for Children of Alcoholics, authored by Liam Byrne MP’s APPG on Children of Alcoholics, a groundswell of prominent voices have come out in support of charities and campaigners dedicated to helping these vulnerable young people. After a year of emotional Westminster debates, front page coverage on helpline counsellors reading bed-time stories to lonely COAs, and a sustained media campaign to communicate the struggles faced by children affected by parental alcohol problems, January 2018 saw Government have state that they want to put in place a breakthrough strategy to support the needs of COAs in the UK.

COA Week will see the publication of the POSTNote on parental alcohol misuse (PAM), focusing on the prevalence of the issue across the UK, the long-term effects this has on children, and the benefit of effective interventions for this vulnerable group.

It has been a seismic year for Nacoa and children affected by parental alcohol problems, with public conversations and press coverage of this taboo subject higher up the agenda than ever before. In 2018, Nacoa are reporting record numbers of calls and emails to the their helpline as COAs realise that they are not alone.

As we enter the 10th year of COA week, Nacoa invite media agencies, businesses, charities and the general public to get involved so we can continue to reach the 2.6 million children in the UK living with a parent who drinks too much.

Keep checking back to this page as the feed will be updated throughout the week with all the big news and activities for #COAWeek2018.

This is the hardest and most personal blog I have written. In all honesty I don’t think I would have had the courage to speak out about this if it weren’t for seeing MPs like @JonAshworth speaking out about this. Considering it is #COAweek2018 I felt this was necessary. @NacoaUK https://t.co/rARR6ouRUk